August + Pemberton is now GREW & Co

Don't worry, we're still the same people custom making the same great jewellery

We've changed our name! We're now Grew & Co and you can visit out new site here

August + Pemberton was launched in 2006 as an independent jewellery workshop offering custom designed fine jewellery to a select clientele. As a highly skilled craftsman, Simon’s work quickly gained the attention of clients seeking beautifully designed jewellery made exceptionally well. His bespoke jewellery business was born from this desire for a fusion of design and craftsmanship.


August + Pemberton is the artistic identity of Sydney based jeweller, Simon Grew. August captures the luxury of each exquisitely handcrafted piece, while Pemberton is a nod to Simon’s first humble goldsmithing workshop, where his obsession for perfect craftsmanship was honed. 

The mark of August + Pemberton is the delicate balance between individual design and an unrelenting commitment to his clients. From concept to creation, Simon collaborates with his clients from the initial design consultation to the finished piece. The result is evidence of his years of accumulated skills and his passion for fine jewellery.


White Gold and Si  lver Mokume Gane Ring

White Gold and Silver Mokume Gane Ring

Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane, meaning ‘woodgrain metal’, is a traditional Japanese technique of fusing and working different metals to create a fluid and organic pattern. Originally used for samurai swords, Simon Grew has perfected this complex technique and applied it to the world of custom jewellery.

Bespoke Mokume is the latest development in Simon’s world of jewellery. Launched in September 2011, this fully interactive website allows clients to custom design their own wedding rings. With thousands of potential design options to choose from, including various metal combinations, widths, profiles and gemstones, each ring is guaranteed to be a unique reflection of its wearer.

Once ordered online, each ring is handcrafted with precision and patience to Simon’s exacting standards, before being couriered directly to the client in a special keepsake box. With prices starting from $960, mokume gane rings can be made to suit any budget and, with a full refund return policy, clients are guaranteed total satisfaction.